Gonca Dardeniz

Investigation of a Late Bronze Age (14th century BC) Domestic Craft Quarter: Pyrotechnology at Tell Atchana, Alalakh

This study will offer new insights in pyrotechnology by examining a craft quarter excavated at Tell Atchana/ancient Alalakh during the 2003­–2004 seasons. Tell Atchana/ancient Alalakh was the capital city of the territorial kingdom of Mukish, which controlled the Amuq Plain of Hatay during the Middle and Late Bronze Ages. Its strategic location within a dynamic trade network and the continuous changes in the political environment created a complex and hybrid culture at Alalakh. This social complexity is also traceable in its production technologies. The domestic units — with eight distinct pyrotechnological installations — will give us the opportunity to investigate the diverse uses of fire as technology. These representative households will illuminate the significance of pyrotechnology in the social and economic context of a Late Bronze Age capital city.

Installation fragment analyzed with Scanning Electron Microscope at Koç University, Kuytam Laboratory.